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Check out our Sample Songs page for a selection of music from our catalog.

Target Market

Three primary market groups are music publishers, recording company executives, and artists in the blue-collar genre. STORYinSONGtm has a close relationship with unnamed personnel in Nashville Tennessee and Austin Texas. Our business plan calls for us to establish membership in the Nashville Songwriter’s Association International (NSAI) also, to provide an additional means to pitch songs to these primary groups.

In order to collect money for performance royalties, both the songwriter and publisher must be affiliated with the same Performing Rights Organization (PRO). Mid-size and large publishers normally incorporate two or three different companies so they can work with songwriters regardless of their respective affiliation.

STORYinSONGtm is not a publisher and has not yet affiliated with a PRO. We are in the process of reviewing the benefits and drawbacks of the three major organizations: ASCAP, BMI and SESAC.

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