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We never know when a passing gesture will have a profound effect on the lives of others. Something as simple as sending a Christmas card can provide such an opportunity. Some call this phenomena coincidence, while others believe it to be divine intervention; but we recognize it as an unmistakable turning point when we play it back in our mind years later.

We have a long standing tradition in our family of stringing Christmas cards along the crown moldings of our home to enjoy throughout the holiday season. Christmas 1984 brought one card in particular to the eye of an acquaintance with a guitar in his hands. A few minutes later Scrapbook was written as a collaboration that would establish a lifetime partnership of song writing, and a friendship that would endure both good times and bad.


Al Curving (pictured left) serves as wordsmith, recorder, and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) adding business expertise and formal education to the partnership. He recently retired from nearly 37 years of military service culminating as Command Chief Warrant Officer of the New Jersey Army National Guard. He also has private sector management and executive experience and has held numerous leadership positions in volunteer organizations. He earned an ASM-‘96, BSBA-‘96 and BA-‘97 from the Thomas Edison State College of New Jersey. Al lives alone since the passing of his wife Joyce on 2/17/2011; and they have three adult children and four grandchildren.

Dan Laurie (pictured right) serves as music-man, idea-man, and President adding humor, wit, depth, and musical diversity to the partnership. Having deferred ambitions of a career in music earlier in life to raise a family. He recently retired after nearly 33 years as a letter carrier with the United States Postal Service where he gained tremendous insight into the joys and trials that regularly intersect the lives of everyday people. Dan commands an understanding of music theory that brings life to our melodies, and he plays most any instrument with strings and a fret board. Dan has three adult children and seven grandchildren.  His loving wife Joan passed in February 2013.

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