I Wish I Was a Pigeon

I Wish I Was a Pigeon” is a let down your hair, kick up your heals, Cajun style, line dance fun song.  Lyrics are a  ditty format lending themselves to additional listener verses.

The original idea is Dan’s, who fondly remembers his Dad’s pigeons.  On Dan’s first date with his wife Joan, she made the observation that his convertible seat was impressively marked with “the family crest”.  That was when he knew she passed “the door test”.

Just the thought of pigeons makes Al gag; but every time they raise a statue to a politician, don’t it make him wish he was a pigeon?

The original lyrics and music were written in 2007 by Al Curving and Dan Laurie, and registered with the U.S. Copyright Office in 2008 as part of the album “Slices of Life In Story ‘n Song” Vol. 4, and revised to this version in 2009.

We are song writers, and not entertainers. We hope you enjoyed this demo; but we are really looking for someone who has what it takes to make this song a hit. If you would like information about recording this, or any of their other songs please contact us.

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