Pennies or Quarters

Pennies or Quarters, Nickels or Dimes is a delightful song, spanning three generations using a simple children’s’ game to teach true values in life through choices we make.

The original idea is Dan’s, from a charm bracelet his aunt owned.  The song quickly became a personal favorite of Al’s daughter Tammy, and is the first multimedia attempt that STORY in SONG has made.

The original lyrics and music were written around 1982, registered with the U.S. Copyright Office as part of an album titled “Slices of Life in Story ‘N Song” in 1985, and revised in 2009 to this version.

We are song writers, and not entertainers. We hope you enjoyed this demo; but we are really looking for someone who has what it takes to make this song a hit. If you would like information about recording this, or any of their other songs please contact us.

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