“Scrapbook” is a song that captures an entire lifetime in the pages of a ragged old scrapbook.  It has no value to the world, but is priceless to the family.

This song was originally written as “Memories of an Old Christmas Card” in about 20 minutes as Dan played a melody and Al jotted down some lyrics.  It was inspired by cards hung on Al’s wall, and was their first collaboration.

The original lyrics and music were written around 1983 by Al Curving and Dan Laurie, registered with the U.S. Copyright Office in 1985 as part of an album “Slices of Life in Story ‘N Song” and revised in 2009 to this version.

We are song writers, and not entertainers. We hope you enjoyed this demo; but we are really looking for someone who has what it takes to make this song a hit. If you would like information about recording this, or any of their other songs please contact us.

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