Things Will Work Out Fine

Things Will Work Out Fine” is a laid back country song reinforcing the biblical principle that love conquers all obstacles if couples only stay together through bad times.

The original idea is Dan’s, by observing his family’s legacy; and his own belief that God needs to be invited into the marriage, and not just to the wedding.

The original lyrics and music were written in 1984 by Al Curving and Dan Laurie, and first registered with the U.S. Copyright Office in 1985 as part of the album “Slices of Life In Story ‘n Song” Vol.1 under the title “Every Thing Is Bound To Work Out Fine”, then rewritten and registered again under the present title as part of ‘Slices of Life’ Vol. 3 in 1992.

We are song writers, and not entertainers. We hope you enjoyed this demo; but we are really looking for someone who has what it takes to make this song a hit.  If you would like information about recording this, or any of their other songs please contact us.

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